Water Heater Installation

Clean and warm, reliable running water is a crucial part of every household. It’s essential for household chores, bathing, laundry, and much more. Warm or hot water needs to be a priority for any responsible owners. Therefore, it’s a priority for the expert team at A-Advantage Plumbing. We offer affordable water heaters and water heater installation services at a price that works well within your budget. We’ll also make sure that your heater is installed correctly, providing you with hot water for years to come. If you’re a new homeowner looking to install a new water heater or if you feel that you need to replace your current system with a quality cheap water heater, give us a call today!

It can be tempting to want to install your water heater on your own. We strongly urge you not to try this. Water heaters are temperamental devices and can pose a serious health and injury hazard if the proper installation techniques are not followed. An incorrectly installed water will not function as necessary, causing you to lose your heated water, or an even more dangerous breakage, causing devastating financial damage to your home and household. As a water heater company ourselves, we have the exact experience and high-end tools necessary to have your water heater installed safely and adequately. Our highly-trained plumbers are skilled, certified, and knowledgeable on all brands and components. Our priority is your safety and comfort, getting the job done quickly, with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

If you need a water heater installation or replacement, give us a call now! Consistent hot water is a staple in every single household as a modern comfort that we cannot and should not live without. We’ll set up a time that works best for your schedule for one of our friendly water heater installation experts to come out to your home. We’ll recommend an affordable water heater setup and installation plan. Then, we’ll walk you through a comprehensive list of the next steps that you’ll need to take. We promise to ensure that your water heater provides reliable hot water on-demand, rather than becoming a dangerous and money-draining nuisance. Don’t waste another second, call us now!

I have used a advantage for the last 5 years for any plumbing issue. They are customer friendly and come out on Sundays. Very knowledgeable and they don't rip you off on cost. They can give you an estimate so you have a general idea. I don't use anyone else.

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Tammy Guzzetta