Drain Cleaning

Have you experienced any of the symptoms on the list below? If so, you may need to have your drains cleaned as soon as possible.

  • Distinct odor of sewage or rotting food.
  • Water draining slowly, not draining, or backing up.
  • Unusual bubbling noises coming from your kitchen, bathroom, or bathtub drains.

These can be the signs of a severe drain clog. While these are simple fixes for our expert team of plumbers, they need to be taken very seriously. Don’t wait to schedule a drain cleaning, as it could become a much worse problem very soon.

Materials such as dirt, sand, grease, hair, food, minerals, and more can find their way down into your drain. Over time, these materials build up, causing drain clogging and backups. It can be a very costly process to have these drains unclogged if not handled by a trustworthy cleaning service.

At A-Advantage Plumbing, our talented, trained, and experienced professional plumbers have over 25 years of experience cleaning these drains. We use only the best, top of the line equipment such as video camera inspections and hydro jetting (if necessary), and we use industry best practice methods to ensure that your drains stay clear and clean for the long haul.

We cannot say this enough, do not try to clean your drains home by yourself. Cheap store-bought tools, chemicals, and methods can actually do even more harm to your drains, pipes, and lines than the clogged drain caused in the first place. If not handled properly, by professional hands, drain cleanings are messy, potentially hazardous, and complicated. One misstep or non-compatible chemical can cause major damage to your plumbing system, costing you thousands of dollars. Let’s avoid that together.

Give us a call today, and we’ll promptly send out our skilled and professional drain cleaning experts to perform a full inspection of your drains. We’ll then give you a fair and honest estimate that works well within your budget. Once we layout our plan of attack, we’ll get to work cleaning out the drain using whichever method we deem necessary. Together, we’ll make sure that your drains clean, working, and safe for years to come.

Called A-Advantage on a late Sunday afternoon, along with 2 other plumbers, after breaking off the water valve switch to our house (with the water shut off). Bill gave me a pretty quick eta- he showed up when he said he would, he did the repair job quickly and his price was much better than anyone else's. I highly recommend him. Very fair and reliable.

Kevin Berschinski Avatar
Kevin Berschinski